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Duplicate formula in excel

duplicate formula in excel We can see that the duplicate data has been deleted from column B and only the unique values remain. The SMALL function can return the nth smallest number from an array. When you 39 re working with a set of data you hardly have time to manually find and remove duplicate records. By definition each value must appear at least once so nbsp 8 Feb 2013 Enter this formula COUNTIF B 1 B1 B1 gt 1 then click the Format button and choose a color from the Fill tab. Dec 10 2009 This add in adds some great functions to Excel including option to find and remove duplicate cells. 13 Jul 2007 All the formulas on this page are array formulas. I frequently use the remove duplicate function to do a quick count of unique numbers and to make sure all expected numbers are present. The formula contains the function COUNTIF . Open the Excel sheet then select the Home tab. Press the Enter key to apply the formula. The 2. How To Create a data validation drop down list from a table with duplicates in Excel How To Do a reverse two way lookup in Microsoft Excel How To Create a list of items with a 2 array formula in Excel How To Prevent duplicate entries in an Excel spreadsheet In the Format values where this formula is true type C3. The work around is to use an Excel Array Formula. This tutorial will provide you with a solution to this shortcoming. TEXTJOIN quot quot TRUE IF C4 C9 E4 B4 B9 quot quot The result I get with this formula see the image attached is 1 1 3 4 but I need it to show 1 3 4 The function to use here is the ROW function and all you need to do is point to the cell. First clear the previous conditional formatting rule. You can use worksheet functions in the formulas given for the data validation. Figure 3. Value gt 1 Then Cell. Then under the Home tab choose Conditional Formatting and Highlight Cells Rules and Duplicate Values. C5 D5 E2 Click E2 in the formula to place the curser between E and 2. In the simple example spreadsheet it is easy to see and to delete the single duplicate row. Considering above screen shot and example For that you can put the below Vlookup function in column D VLOOKUP C2 A A 1 0 Duplicates are irritating and they often can multiply out of control. Make sure to include the dollar sign in front of the column letter. Select a blank cell adjacent to the first data of your list and type this formula COUNTIF A 2 A nbsp You can also use Excel formulas to sort a column of data as described in the following example. Select Highlight Cells Rules and then Duplicate Values. Select the H ighlight Cells Rules option and from the secondary menu that appears select the D See full list on exceloffthegrid. The above method was the first method of removing duplicates. Jan 24 2018 Excel 39 s conditional formatting lets you customize how your data displays from changing colors and shading to adding icons and more. If you are using Excel 2003 you can use different approaches to remove the duplicates see the last example for removing duplicates in Excel 2003. Select all data in the new workbook and then click the Data tab 39 s quot Remove Duplicates quot command located in the Data Tools command group. Click the Enter the formula provided in the text box. While it is good enough to follow the above non VBA solution you can also go for a Macro solution which uses the same COUNTIF formula. 39 Now lets go through the workbook and find each of the worksheets in the right format to create the duplicate list. Jan 31 2016 Select the range with duplicate values i. In Excel you can use COUNTIF function to count the duplicates. Finding Duplicate Rows nbsp 7 Mar 2020 Hi guys I 39 m new to UiPath and I 39 ve scoured the forums to find a solution for my problem but can 39 t seem to find anything that fits my issue. 2. Step 3 Click to place a checkmark in the quot My data has For reference there is also a way to find the number of duplicates in a column by using the DUPLICATE function along with a COUNTIF. Excel September 1 2019. The problem I have with it is that it returns duplicates because for 2 or 3 cells the first best match is the same until my search area has moved down enough to continue on to the next match. B1 B100 amd use this formula in the Conditional Formatting Within the Data tab choose Data Tools and then Remove Duplicates. Remove Duplicates function is introduced form MS Excel 2007 You can use RemoveDuplicates method to remove the duplicate records in Excel 2007 and higher. Enter the values 45 252 52 45 252 and 45 into the cells A2 A7. You might want to include or exclude the first instance when counting duplicates. middot Click Home gt Conditional Formatting gt Highlight Cells Rules gt Duplicate Values. Type the formula into the cell but don 39 t press ENTER just yet Hold the CTRL key down then press ENTER. The software lets you detect duplicate content and check if your text is original. middot Choose Conditional Formatting from the Format menu. As with any Excel function you have to decide which data you want to work with. In the box next to values with pick the formatting you want to apply to the duplicate If you want to test a range or list for duplicates you can do so with a formula that uses COUNTIF together with SUMPRODUCT. We shall use the same example as above for learning removal of duplicates. The function will not delete rows that are precedents of a formula in a cell if those precedent rows have lower row number than the row. The first argument in the function to the viewable data range is specified. Aug 13 2020 3 Setup is done. Watch the video below to see this shortcut in action. My final result is to have another cell F1 use the Concatenate formula to have the Start and Stop time shown in one cell as quot 04 00 12 30 quot . xlNo is the default value specify xlGuess if you want Excel to attempt to determine the header. In this example we will use the COUNTIF nbsp 29 Sep 2020 In Excel you can do that with a tool in the ribbon or by formulas. Duplicates can cause lots of headaches in Excel. 2 Jun 2020 Find the correct formula. First you will need to add a helper column that combines the data from any columns which you want to base your duplicate definition on. Scenario The Power of Excel Array Formulas Part I. This formula uses the Excel COUNTIF function to return the number of cells from range B5 B9 that are equal to the value captured in cell D5 15 . IF SUMPRODUCT COUNTIF D7 Z7 LEFT D7 Z7 FIND quot quot D7 Z7 amp quot quot FIND quot quot D7 Z7 1 1 amp quot quot gt 1 0 quot List has duplicates quot quot No duplicates quot . Go to Home gt Remove Rows gt Remove Duplicates . Open the spreadsheet you wish to analyze. Books on Excel https xlncad. The RemoveDuplicates method is a clever way to simplify a range of data. SUM LEN range LEN SUBSTITUTE range quot text quot quot quot LEN quot text quot Where range is the cell range in question and quot text quot is replaced by the specific text string that you want to count. That 39 s why Excel 39 s built in quot Remove Duplicates quot function is worth learning. Jul 27 2018 The conditional format highlights the first name because it 39 s a duplicate in column A. We just upgraded our server to RS 2008 SP1 and we have found a scenario where duplicate rows of data are being exported when reports are exported to Excel. Sep 25 2009 Now that they all are sleeping I can quickly whip an excel post to help you make twins clones and duplicates. Choose one of the rules that includes a light red fill. We can use the Data Validation tool with a formula to stop duplicates from being entered by the user. Select the Conditional Formatting drop down menu from the Home tab at the top of your Excel workbook. Step 1 Select the range of cells that you want to remove duplicates from. This is most practical for the product table or more specifically the productcode field though this same technique can be used for any table you want to check for duplicates within. It uses Excel s COUNTIF function to count up the duplicates and then sets the colour to yellow Sub Highlight_Duplicates Values As Range Dim Cell For Each Cell In Values If WorksheetFunction. 5 Dec 2019 There are 11 rows of numbers and 6 columns. How to generate random numbers in Excel In Excel there are several ways to filter for unique values or remove duplicate values Select the cells you want to check for duplicates. Then if there 39 s a match for that cell in nbsp Try this version. This definition clearly explains that COUNTIF Function is a better and sophisticated type of COUNT formula that gives you the control over which cells you wish to count. We can use the Remove Duplicates button to create unique lists of data stored in your spreadsheets. Drag the formula from cells C2 to C6 using the fill handle on the bottom right. This will insert the dollar symbols in the formula. Mar 02 2020 If you want to remove duplicate data from a list you can use Remove Duplicates function in excel directly then the unique data will be saved in the list the duplicate one will be removed. Video Count Duplicates To see the quick steps to count duplicates watch this short video. Use Excel conditional formatting to highlight duplicate entries in a specific column or in a range of cells multiple rows and columns In Excel 2007 or later Select the cells to format range A2 A11 in this example On the Ribbon 39 s Home tab click Conditional Formatting The above formula is an array formula also called CSE formula as it need the aid of CTRL SHIFT ENTER keys. User defined function. i. Select or deselect My data has headers depending on whether yours has them or not. Click on the Format button. Select Is formula from first textbox 3. If you want to test this list to see if there are duplicate names you can use SUMPRODUCT COUNTIF B3 B11 B3 B11 1 gt 0. Then I used that range name EmpIDs in a COUNTIF formula. 4 duplicate values found and removed 9 unique values remain in the range. On the Home tab go to Conditional Formatting gt Highlight Cells Rules gt Duplicate Values. Tip leave everything ticked A common problem when using Excel is handling duplicate entries. Go to the Fill color option and select the color. 4. In the example there is a list of names in the range B3 B11. Sep 14 2013 it will tell you if theres a duplicate in the column and tell you how many duplicates there are. Applying the Formula. Once you ve chosen Remove Duplicates a dialog box will appear. Note to apply this formula against all of the values in the selected range you will need to drag apply the formula across all of the rows from row 5 to Write formula as IF COUNTIF A A A1 1 0 1 in column B. Highlight Duplicates in Column. This brings up a dialog box which checks various things the presence of a Header Row i. In the box under Format values where this formula is true enter the following formula replacing P with your column that has the TRUE or FALSE values. Step 1 In cell B2 enter the formula IF COUNTIF A 2 A 9 A2 1 0 1 nbsp I would use something like this below add a column to your master list and just put quot Y quot next to every entry. column A Step 2 Insert a helper column and type formula IF A2 A3 quot duplicate quot quot quot in the first cell Step 3 Copy down and the first value of the duplicates will mark as quot duplicate quot . Jun 04 2009 With the Excel document open highlight the section of the document to search for duplicate entries. Here we have only one column so when we highlight a single cell we also highlight a single row. Then under Chart Tools on the Design tab in the Data group click the Select Data button Sep 29 2020 Remove duplicates is a basic task when you want to analyse your data. Today I try to tell you how to use VLookup function for searching Duplicate Values in range lookup. 4 Step 4 Select all columns and click OK. But if you want to remove both duplicates from your list this function cannot help you. From there follow the same steps within the Move or Copy dialog box as described above. Excel will repeat the last action thus making one more row. I then undo the remove duplicates to put the data back where was. Jun 09 2020 Excel first carried out the operation within the brackets C2 C4 or 5 6 for a result of 1. In the formula box enter ISERROR active cell reference . Array of indexes of the columns that contain the duplicate information. If Excel can t do that which would astonish me even just highlighting either all the duplicates that is names in BOTH columns and NOT the unique names in Column A would help. Click OK to remove the duplicates. Select Copy to another location and check Unique records only. Now the formulas must be replaced by their values to freeze the contents. Examples 1 Sort the numeric data in column B of Figure 1. Value 0. Each agreement was assigned a status depending on what stage it s in. Mark Duplicates With a In this method we are going to use a formula for finding the duplicate records in excel. In the Move or Copy dialog box select new book from the To book drop down list. 59. Otherwise click the exclamation point for other options. ColorIndex 6 End If Next Cell End Sub May 10 2014 Aligning duplicates on the same rows in Excel. Sep 19 2019 Hello I am just starting to learn formulas in Excel. This will work only on a single column our unique column identifier . Apparently this is the first thing the new cell did. This can be a very mindless repetitive time consuming task but there are several tricks that make it simpler. You can use the COUNTIF function to count duplicates in Excel COUNTIF range criteria In this short post I ll review a simple example with the steps to count duplicates for a given dataset. Go To menu Data and apply filter for 1. Duplicating like this only works from top to bottom so whatever is in the top most cell of your selection is duplicated. middot Choose Formula Is from the first control 39 s nbsp Select the cells you want to check for duplicates. Is there any way to rewrite this formula to return a list of 39 unique distinct values 39 and avoid duplicate returns Jul 14 2020 The method to find duplicate rows in your spreadsheet is similar except the range of cells you select to analyze by the formula is different. Now that we have used the Excel Countif function to highlight the duplicates in column A of the example spreadsheet we need to delete the rows for which the count is greater than 1. The example of COUNTIF function and highlighting of the duplicate values. Enjoy. Now when we use HOME gt gt Styles gt gt Conditional Formatting gt gt Highlight Cells Rules gt gt Duplicate Values on column C only this column will be highlighted. How to Copy Excel Formulas to Multiple Cells or Entire Column Date 2019 7 17 Author Cordelia If you have tons of data to deal with in a spreadsheet it s much more convenient to use Excel functions instead of manual calculations. Excel surrounds the formula with braces to remind you that it is a array formula. Step 1 Create a Helper Column and type the formula IF OR A2 B2 B2 C2 C2 D2 quot Duplicate quot quot No Duplicate quot in the first cell Step 2 Copy down to the bottom the rows with duplicates in any two adjacent columns will Lookup on Each Duplicate Value in Excel. Excel uses relative referencing by default so the formula will be copied down and adjusted for the remaining cells. I just got back from a wonderful trip to Ireland so I m going to use a little Irish data to demonstrate how to remove duplicate information from a range. This function can also be used when searching for the identical values in the range of cells. Importing ASCII flat May 07 2020 Recently I was watching an Excel product review and noticed the author copy Excel values from a formula into another column. Within this dialog box leave all check boxes checked and click OK. If Excel now says it is a duplicate then you know that something about that cell is different even if you can t visually see it Below some of the reasons that a human sees a duplicate and Excel sees unique items. Random sample without duplicates formula examples . Sep 19 2020 How to Compare Two Columns and Remove the Duplicate Values by Formula in Excel scott September 19 2020 Excel Examples To compare two columns and remove the duplicate values we have already posted a tutorial about how to solve this problem by Conditional Formatting feature Remove Duplicate rule. Press CTRL D and your formula is duplicated into each cell in your selection. Enter the following formula in cell C2. I have created a quot count if quot formula looking at multiple columns but I need to exclude duplicate rows based on a value being a number listed in column A. After finding out the duplicate values you can remove them if you want by using different methods that are described below. To enter formulas for totaling the rainfall figures in column F you could laboriously Jul 09 2019 After typing the formula press Enter key to display the result on the cell of the vlookup function. If you like this article and is interested in mastering Excel to advace your career check out our Excel courses. Now create a PivotTable with the count function to see duplicates. The formula returns TRUE if the specified value in selected range B5 B10 is repeated. Enter the formula for the first row in the range. Use Conditional Formatting to Flag Mark Highlight Duplicates in Excel. In Excel you can do that with a tool in the ribbon or by formulas. March 12 nbsp 1 Apr 2015 Excel has a built in function that removes duplicates but often you need to be more clever about what stays and what goes. This means we would send multiple postcards to the same address. This only removes unique duplicates if you start including your date or sales values in the list you find Excel sees only unique values. The second is to copy it to different excel document Ctr F and replace cross documet references with nothing in document references copy it back on the Jul 10 2017 When you are working with spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel and accidentally copy rows or if you are making a composite spreadsheet of several others you will encounter duplicate rows which you need to delete. This is the reason why the SMALL function is used instead of the LARGE function. Excel will immediately look for and highlights all duplicates in a table of any size. Today this article is going to explain or offer a description of how to remove duplicates from rows using a given column. And this is the result we get. Current Special Complete Excel Excel Training Course for Excel 97 Excel 2003 only 145. Select the Conditional Formatting button. Dear Team Can anyone help me with the formula to count only the duplicate values in a column. Wondering how to find duplicate data in Excel This simple formula can save you loads of time by helping you filter and delete duplicate cell data. Taking our dataset I click cell A2. Steps on how to remove duplicate rows based on one column in excel. See how to use SUMIFS and COUNTIFS to get a count or a sum based on one or more criteria. Lets say you inserted a new row. A2 to see if there are duplicates and delete them For instance A2 cell value is shown below separate 3. Apr 01 2015 The COUNTIFS formula above counts how many times Fred appears in column A when Smith is in column B and fsmith gmail. In Excel it has always been possible to extract without duplicates from a list with the menu Data gt Remove Duplicates in the ribbon. Apr 12 2017 Unfortunately there is no function built into Excel that will create a list of unique random whole numbers see update below . Drag the lower right edge of the cell C1 down to the last row. Highlight Duplicates With Conditional Formatting. The formula that we are going to use is a CountIF Formula. Formula for checking duplicates. List of values with duplicates. Choose the Fill color from the color palette for highlighting the cells and then click on OK. Find all the shortcut keys that will save you time and increase productivity. Use a formula to Remove Duplicates. Long time ago Mike Girvin another Microsoft MVP has created a very complex array formula to extract unique values from a formula. To remove the duplicates select a random cell and select the option of Remove Duplicates from the data tab in the ribbon. Click Home gt Conditional Formatting gt Highlight Cells Rules gt Duplicate Values. You can fix it by recopying the correct formula to this cell or fixing it in the formula bar. Click the Settings tab then click drop down list under Allow choose Custom and then enter this formula COUNTIF A 1 A 20 A1 1 into the Formula box. Apr 10 2010 It does require the use of a helper column but you can always hide that. Excel 2000 3 7 10 13 16 Posts Oct 30 2018 Find duplicate values. There are several ways to count unique values among duplicates. But prevention is better than the cure so let s look at how to prevent duplicates in Excel. After you click OK Excel keeps one duplicate and deletes the rest. Execute the following steps to highlight triplicates only. How To Prevent duplicate entries in an Excel spreadsheet How To Merge two list tables and delete duplicates in Excel How To Avoid common mistakes when doing financial analysis in Microsoft Excel How To Remove duplicate entries with Excel 39 s COUNTIF function Excel s Remove Duplicates Tool The first method uses a built in data tool. com excel resources Get Office 36 Step 5 As column B is selected we click on OK and Excel gives us a prompt that the duplicates data has been deleted and only the unique values remain. Click the quot Remove Duplicates quot button located in the Data Tools section. Mar 02 2016 If you are looking for a fast accurate and formula free method try the Duplicate Remover wizard Select any cell within your table and click the Duplicate Remover button on the Ablebits Data tab. If I have duplicate order numbers I need in column B to return value from a plus a 1 2 3 if there are 3 duplicate orders. In the drop down below the text Format cells that contain select Duplicate You can count all duplicates by summing the occurrences. Select the cells where you want the formula to go. Dec 20 2007 Formula for finding duplicates I have excel sheets that will show a customer account number an ammount they need to pay and there full name and a date when the payment is expected is there a formula that will find duplicates if the same entry has been put in twice Finding the first duplicate manually can be tedious or even impossible if you have thousands of rows of data. 11 Nov 2019 Count all duplicate values. Go to Highlight Cell Rules and Sep 08 2016 Microsoft kindly added a remove duplicate function into Excel for just this occasion. Click on OK and you shall see that the duplicate names have been highlighted in red color. For example if the column I am wanting to count for duplicates is named quot Buyer quot and I want to find distinct Buyer names that are entered in that column I would use the following formula Sep 14 2017 Excel 2016 Excel 2013 amp 2010 STEP 3 This will open up the Power Query Editor. This can be used in the latest Microsoft Office suite and the 2003 version. Mar 11 2009 Do a countif on the Owners Adress to figure out the multiple property owners copy paste that column as values to remove the formula then remove duplicates then delete the non multiple property owners. May 02 2013 Copy the formula down for all rows of the data range. You can change the values of columns for your convenience but the whole procedure will be the same. Then then right click cell B2 and chose Paste Special and double click Values as shown below. The above formula must be entered as an array formula. You now have your new table with the duplicate rows removed HELPFUL RESOURCE Can Excel formula evaluate the string in a cell e. The tool Remove Duplicates. Range quot DuplicateReportNumberOfRecordsRead quot . Clicking the OK button populates a list of unique values in the target location. The easiest way to remove duplicates from a VBA Array is to assign the array values to a VBA Collection and then pass the values back to an Array. We can also use Remove Duplicates on a single column by unchecking all boxes then checking the column. It shows how to count the number of times each month name appears in the list. 3. Jul 13 2007 Very often Excel is used to manage lists of data such as employee names or phone lists. When you release the mouse Excel will create an exact copy of the sheet. it would look like this IF ISERROR VLOOKUP A1 A2 A9 1 0 quot no duplicate quot quot theres a duplicate quot Apr 19 2019 The next step is sorting the row numbers in our new array. Highlight Cell Rules contains the function for Duplicate Values you can select which color you wish to use to highlight the duplicates. Worksheets quot Duplicate Report quot . On The Ribbon click under the Home Tab is selected. If there are no duplicates of the specified value in the selected range the formula will return FALSE. com Aug 16 2018 First enter some dummy data into a blank Excel spreadsheet. Mar 12 2009 This will highlight all duplicates in both columns. So the formula to count non duplicate entry is SUM 1 COUNTIF A2 A10 A2 A10 which returns 5. Interior. By definition each value must appear at least once so when the count gt 1 the value must be a duplicate. Let s say we have month wise sales wherein we have month name duplicate. Following is the step by explanation for finding duplicate values using Excel Formula. If it appears more than once it is duplicated so we use gt 1 at the end of the COUNTIFS to return TRUE if the row is duplicated. 7 May 2013 So let 39 s put the formula into Conditional Formatting with one small adjustment Instead of hard coding the value after the equal sign 1 2 3 etc. Click on Highlight Cells Rules and select Duplicate Values. Choose the cells from where you want to find duplicate values. e out of 9 entries only 5 items are unique. CountIf Values Cell. The MATCH formula finds the first occurrence of a value in a stack of values and returns the relative row number where the value is found. This page contains a number of formulas that can be used to work with duplicate items in a list of data. e. I need some excel formula to prevent duplicate cells in my excel file. Sep 28 2019 Just copy the formula to the entire column and your required filtered list showing the Duplicate and New entries. Formula to Count Duplicate Number Sets nbsp Finding With a Formula. Learning to control them is a good skill set to have. One of the shortcomings of Excel s lookup functions is that you can t match on duplicate values instead the functions only match on the first instance of the lookup value it finds in a column or row. middot 2. Click the Data tab and select Remove Duplicates. Jul 22 2020 That 39 s how to select a random sample in Excel without duplicates. The principle of the action formula for finding of the duplicates by the conditional formatting is simple. 7. Click the data tab then advanced button under the sort and filter section Jul 23 2013 Using Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 to remove duplicates from your workbook Particularly in very large Excel workbooks duplication is common place and very difficult to spot. To remove duplicates from any column first select the column s from where we need to remove duplicate values then from the Data menu tab select Remove Duplicate under data tools. Next Steps. Open your spreadsheet on the page you need to sort. 21 Jan 2019 Learn how to remove duplicates in Google Sheets with these five different Then use this formula in cell B2 to highlight the duplicates in column A Pingback 7 Useful Data amp Excel Tips For SEO Tom Crowe Digital. In this example we 39 ll be using Excel 39 s conditional formatting to detect duplicates within a column. However if the answer is not equal to 1 then the formula is FALSE and an error occurs causing the Error Alert. 2 Using Advanced Filter in Jul 31 2019 Advanced Excel Formulas Course Excel Tables Course Excel Word Outlook I know I can just remove duplicate manually. Then your spreadsheet should match the one shown directly below. Remove duplicates in the DATA tab helps you to remove any duplicates in the data table and keep only unique cell content. Select the rows and columns that you want to find duplicate values in. How to Remove Duplicates in Excel . Jan 10 2019 How to Search duplicate values with VLookup Function in MS Excel When we are using VLookup function most of the cases we use Exact Match method in MS Excel. Note Excel can t highlight duplicates in the Values area of a PivotTable report. On Excel 39 s Home tab choose Conditional Formatting Highlight Cells Rules and then Duplicate Values. Books on Excel https xlncad. This is a great nbsp 27 Jul 2018 Using the example worksheet select cell A2. In Excel 2010 you will find it in the Home tab under the Styles group. You can do so via Conditional Formatting. There is a way to count the number of duplicates without using the complicated formula. Dealing with duplicates is one of the modules in our Excel workshops. nbsp . Oct 21 2020 Instead of using a pivot table you could use Excel functions to count duplicates. Add a formula in one nbsp 12 Mar 2020 How to find duplicates in Excel middot 1. STEP 4 Click Close amp Load from the Home tab and this will open up a brand new worksheet in your Excel workbook with the cleaned table. The 7th column Dups is where I tested my formulas. Exponents. To do this we will use Excel s in house feature called Conditional Formatting. Also note that Excel evaluates string values as almost infinitely large numbers making any other number small in comparison. In the ribbon select Data and click Remove Duplicates. There are Sep 30 2017 Today we re going to create a small set of data and remove duplicate entries through Excel s own duplicate removal tools. It works fine but also includes duplicate values. Download ASAP Utilities. column A has my order numbers. Otherwise this procedure can be automated via VBA but using the same logic. You will also learn how to highlight consecutive weekly off in an Attendance Sheet. Re An excel formula that skips duplicate data I designed the formula to show the unique entries not the duplicates. Go to the section Styles and choose Conditional Formatting option. Dec 13 2017 There are several ways to do this. zip file You may also be interested in. If you 39 re using Excel 2010 or later you can click the Paste Values icon. I just click OK. Press Ctrl A to select all. VBA code to Remove Duplicate Rows The following Excel VBA macro code is to find duplicate values in a column. How do you do that Oh that is simple you just take the excel spreadsheet and nbsp The following formula which uses FITLER function and COUNTIF function returns the duplicate values from the data range B4 B13 middot Here the output appear in the nbsp Select 39 Use a formula to determine which cells to format 39 as a rule in the New how you can easily see which values are duplicate in different columns in Excel. I would duplicate the same formulas to reflect Stop Times in other cells. How the old array formula works Step 1 Show a duplicate value only once Figure 1 A traditional approach to duplicating worksheets within a workbook. In such circumstances duplicates may exist in the list and need to be identified. The tool Remove Duplicates Since 2007 you can remove duplicates values with this menu in the ribbon Data gt Remove Duplicates. May 16 2009 Suppose you have a spreadsheet where you are entering a list of unique values such as invoice numbers customer names etc. I have trie Jun 28 2016 Don 39 t you fret though because there are a bunch of ways you can check and even remove duplicate rows of data within your Excel spreadsheets. 2 Mar 2020 Remove Both Duplicate Rows by Formula. Now let s suppose you need to find how many cells include the duplicate value 45. Sep 29 2016 Highlighting duplicate entries in Excel First Select the column or columns that contain duplicate entries be clicking on the letter at the top of the columns. If You want to highlight oly the duplicates in column B that have a match from column A Select all the data in column B e. Generic formula Use conditional formatting to find and highlight the duplicates in excel. Now we are not using a formula to find duplicates in excel. Feb 28 2019 The IFERROR function was introduced in Excel 2007 if you have an earlier version then use the formula above. P1 TRUE Often in Excel 2016 worksheets you use the same formula across a row or down a column but different cell references are used. Click Use a formula to determine which cells to format. Copy the chart Hold down Ctrl while you click the original chart and drag. After that the SUM function adds up the numbers and if the nbsp This example teaches you how to find and highlight duplicates or triplicates in on Conditional Formatting Excel automatically copies the formula to the other nbsp 7 May 2013 Follow the steps given in this video to use Excel Formulas to find Duplicate Rows in Microsoft Excel 2013. Open an Excel workbook or create a new one if you want to follow May 28 2020 The advanced filter icon helps you to identify and delete duplicates in Excel. 5 Step 5 A notification will be given and show how Jul 04 2019 Those who have the latest versions of Excel even experience more improved features. To begin with we will figure out how to use Conditional Formatting to highlight the copy cells. Here 39 s how to do it. As you can see Excel highlights duplicates Juliet Delta triplicates Sierra quadruplicates if we have any etc. Jan 10 2019 Method 1 Find Duplicate Values in Excel using VLookup function VLookup function searches a value in the extreme left column of the table_array and provides the value in the same row which is based on the index number. You can expand the duplicate function to work with triplicates and above using some of the same steps. You have to make it array formula . Excel displays the Remove Duplicates dialog box. Set Format cells if to Custom formula is and enter the duplicate check formula countif Range Criteria gt 1 and hit Done to return a true false response. The first formula is the most complicated one. Jul 13 2019 You can use a formula to help you find duplicate values in your data. Suppose that you use Excel to keep track of addresses and you suspect that you have duplicate records. Depending on the data you have in your worksheet you may use one of the following ways to highlight duplicate rows. At the moment of writing this add in works for Excel 2003 Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 32 bit only. Click OK twice. Assign sequence number to duplicate records Excel VBA. For this article we will be required to use the COUNTIF function and IF function together. They can throw out your tallies or counts and can cause the wrong information to be reported. May 18 2017 There are times when I have an Excel worksheet full of formulas and I want to hard code the results and remove the formulas completely. Hi I don 39 t think there is a formula or any other way to get a unique list in Excel without using Advanced Filter. Click on the Format button and specify the format you want to set. Scroll down to the end to learn how to check for duplicates based on all three columns. With FILTER formula you can check the appearance of duplicate words text or even an entire row for duplicates. The formula will be entered into all the cells you had selected taking account of any relative references you had in the original formula i. COUNTIF EmpIDs A2 lt 1 To prevent duplicates the count must be 1 or zero and if not a warning will appear when you enter a duplicate number. Highlight Duplicates in Excel. In order to highlight the duplicate values you can either use a conditional formula to find duplicates in excel or follows the below mentioned process. The first part of the COUNTIF function is where you enter the range from which you want to count the number of duplicate values. Here are two other spreadsheet tutorials to continue mastering Excel data cleanup Excel to Formula to find cells containing Duplicate Values is explained in this formula. 95 Instant Buy Download 30 Day Money Back Guarantee amp Free Excel Help for LIFE In this article you will learn how to highlight the Consecutive Duplicates in Excel using Conditional Formatting. Click Format. This is very easy to do in Excel Here is our sample worksheet which has the following formulas in Column E I explain how you can remove formulas in Excel below Click the quot Data quot tab on the top menu bar Ribbon of the spreadsheet. Select the last option Use a formula determining which cells to format under Select a Rule Type section. This has always worked in the past but today after I hit undo my rows are mixed. Use the IF Function to Find Duplicates. Trailing or leading spaces Apr 25 2016 Right click on that worksheet s tab and select Move or Copy from the popup menu. If you change the value in E2 to 2 you will get the duplicates instead and if you change it to 1 all the unique values will be highlighted. Hint Feb 18 2016 Later versions of Excel feature a Remove Duplicates button under the Data tab in the ribbon. It is possible to set a different cell color for duplicate values by clicking the Fill tab and selecting a background color. For example if rows 1 to 5 are completely blank and a formula in A10 references rows 1 to 5 rows 1 to 5 will not be deleted. Highlighting the cells based solely on the name would result in a false highlight in this case. Click the You can count duplicates using the COUNTIF formula in Excel. if nothing is duplicate just return the same number from A. Then go to the home tab or ribbon. Step 3 get the address you want to go to In column I we have just added up the Current Row column H and the Row of next duplicate column I to figure out on which row of the sheet the duplicate occurs. Select the range of cells to be formatted. Here the logic is the number is unique if the match index equals to the current processing row number. The data function approach is probably both the simplest and the fastest way to remove duplicate values in Excel. To repeat last action Press F4. Count the number of unique values by using a filter In the formula COUNTIFS counts the number of times each value in a cell appears in its quot parent quot column. Apr 06 2010 In the dialog click on Use a formula to determine which cells to format. Finding Duplicates using COUNTIF Formula. com is in column C and 6 9 1962 is in column D. C3 will become C4 in the next cell down etc This also works if you want to quickly enter a value into a range of cells. But if you are an Office 365 subscriber UNIQUE function can be used to remove the duplicates from a data set. The best is to highlight them using different colours so that duplicates stand out from the rest i. The formula is COUNTIF lt Range gt lt current cell gt gt 1 How to find duplicates in Excel 1. Oct 01 2020 How to Make Excel Find Duplicates 1. Wherever you have duplicate data you will see 1 in column B else you will see value as 0. May 23 2014 Here 39 s the Complete List of MS Excel Function Key F1 to F12 Shortcuts. You can also use Excel formulas to sort a column of data as described in the following example. We want to remove those duplicate addresses. you can use this formula instead Mar 16 2017 Select the first row and on the Excel Ribbon 39 s Home tab click the Format Painter Drag the Format Painter over all the cells where the conditional formatting rules should be applied including the first row To confirm that the duplicate rules were removed go back to the Manage Rules window. Excel 39 s built in Remove Duplicates tool can help you get find and remove those duplicate records in one swoop. Here 39 s how to find duplicate entries in Excel spreadsheets the easy way. Open the Excel file that you want to scan for duplicates. Now click on the Home tab. This will use the formula on all column values while checking for duplicates. As we saw combining COUNTIF and AND functions can quickly find out duplicates in two columns. Apply Step 3 for all rows that are there. Excel 39 s Remove Duplicates Tool. That means each cell in the row has to be identical to the values in each cell of another row. Sep 07 2019 Two of them are duplicates rows 7 and 27 but there is another entry row 12 which is unique. However the formula in column E doesn 39 t identify the combined values across columns A and B as a duplicate The Duplicate Values option on the Highlight Cell Rules continuation menu in Excel 2016 enables you to highlight duplicate values within a selected cell range. One of the projects I ve worked on involved thousands of agreement numbers. Figure 1 Excel 39 s Conditional Formatting feature makes it easy to identify duplicate values in a list. Don 39 t worry we have a formula that can mark the first duplicate easily in seconds. Division and Multiplication. The values 5 6 7 and 6 the result is three unique values 5 6 and 7. Header Optional XlYesNoGuess Specifies whether the first row contains header information. I interpreted the original post as wanting a count of the number of unique accounts so I 39 m curious as to how it showed the duplicates grouped. Scenario We would like to mail a print postcard to the members of our email mailing list but have discovered that some have signed up more than once with different email addresses. Definition of VLookup function This function is found in the Removing duplicates from an Excel spreadsheet is an essential data cleanup skill. Highlight Duplicate Cells Using Conditional Formatting. Make sure the Home tab is open in the Ribbon and click Conditional Formatting gt Highlight Cells Rules gt Duplicate values A new window will appear. Make amp Model amp Year The above formula will concatenate all three columns into a single column. Highlight duplicate rows in one column. Click Conditional Formatting scroll over Highlight Cells Rules and click Duplicate Values May 02 2013 Copy the formula down for all rows of the data range. You can do this task first then get the totals for each customer using SUMIF. You don t want to duplicate any of the data as this would cause problems down the road but at the same time the list might be too large for you to manually verify that Jan 27 2018 Click on the Data tab then in the middle is the option Remove Duplicates. The empty text string will be displayed for cells not having an entry. Excel has made working with duplicates very simple. Go to Home Conditional Formatting . The values quot Bradley quot quot Doyle quot quot Doyle quot quot Doyle quot the result is two unique values quot Bradley quot and quot Doyle quot . In the Styles section click on Conditional Formatting 92 Highlight Cells Rules 92 Duplicate Values. You can scan an entire sheet or a few select cells. In the Style group of the Home tab click the small arrow for Conditional Formatting to expand it. I needed to find a way to track agreements that had a status change based on comparing previous and current day feeds. Step 1 Sort the column from A to Z e. You need to open your Excel spreadsheet and select all by clicking Ctrl A. Simply hold down the Ctrl key then click and drag the sheet 39 s tab. How To Find Duplicate Data In Your Spreadsheet Method 1 Using A Formula. The new rules in this selection would enable the user to identify and highlight only a specific count of duplicates using the COUNTIF formula. I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week Available downloads. While the column C is still highlighted press Ctrl C to copy all selected cells to the clipboard. You can select far more cells to load the formulas in than are required by the list. here is an example ColumnA ColumnB 1853 583 1853 583 1854 581 1854 581 1 1854 581 1854 581 2 How to extract unique values through Excel formula To count the unique values from a list we use the IF function along with the COUNTIF function in Microsoft Excel 2010. Dec 17 2019 Otherwise Excel filters the results by hiding duplicate rows. Distinct function with nbsp In Excel you can use COUNTIF function to count the duplicates. Use this method if you only need to get rid of duplicates once in a while. There are two of these operations in the formula and Excel performed them from left to right. To highlight duplicate values in a cell range follow these steps Select the range of cells in the worksheet where you want duplicates formatted in a special way. Yes entering the formula will not work by itself. These can be accessed by Data gt Sort amp Filter Sort and Data gt Data Tools Remove Duplicates. There are no exponents in this formula so Excel skipped this step. Assume your data is in columns A and B. Remove Duplicates or Create a List of Unique Records using Excel Formula Oct 19 2012 Our goal is calculate unique number of Gadgets. This is very easy to implement. Since 2007 you can nbsp To highlight the duplicate records in a list you can use conditional formatting. a row with titles in at the top of your data and which columns you might wish to remove the duplicates from. Only the two original rules should be listed. This entry was posted in Excel Office Tips and Tricks and tagged Concatenate values in Excel duplicates Find duplicates in Excel Find duplicates in Microsoft Excel IF function for finding duplicates Remove Duplicates values on August 8 2015 by Maurice. Count duplicates without using the function. Select all the cells to be filled then type the above formula into the Formula Bar and press CTRL SHIFT ENTER. VLOOKUP ROW 1 A 2 B 16 2 FALSE Formula Break This formula does a vlookup of each running number in column A and returns matching names in column no 2 which is column B and these are unique names which appear in column C where this formula is entered . The result must be at least one. See Sorting and Filtering for more details. Our basic aim is to compare the list in a way that we can identify the duplicates. Once you have selected an area for analysis you can then instruct Excel to identify duplicates. 00. Suppose you have 4 columns of data and you need to find the duplicates when any two adjacent values in a row are the same. Dec 10 2019 To find duplicate values in Excel you can use conditional formatting excel formula vlookup and countif formula. Head up to the Home tab and locate the Styles section. With this add in you can find duplicate entries and mark them in different colors. i need help with a formula. This was fine but then he deleted the column with the formula. if you really need to use VLOOKUP then you would need an IF function and an ISERROR function. Press F4 on your keyboard. Now one more thing What if you want to find out duplicate values in Column A and B. To highlight the table click in cell A1 and while holding the mouse button drag down to cell D11. g. A second way to duplicate worksheets involves right clicking on any worksheet tab and then choosing Move or Copy from the context menu that appears. com excel resources nbsp In the formula COUNTIFS counts the number of times each value in a cell appears in its quot parent quot column. We shall use Excel COUNTIFS function. Click into an open cell in the same sheet for example the next empty column in the sheet . But to get my formula to advanced level I Nov 28 2017 Use the VBA RemoveDuplicates method to remove duplicate rows from columns in Excel. Select the duplicate values. It will display a formula window as shown below. It 39 ll count the number o duplicates and sum them so we will get a single nbsp Duplicates creep into any large Excel list. Sort by cell color in Excel First select all the cells in the Name and Employee Number columns. Enter the formula as countif A 3 F 12 A3 gt 1 then click on the Format tab. Just add more conditions to the SUMPRODUCT formula and it will reveal all your Oct 18 2017 If we leave all checkboxes checked then Excel will look for entire duplicate rows. There are a few approaches counting duplicates. It doesn t matter whether the table contains hundreds or thousands of entries. This will apply the Conditional Formatting shown in the Preview window when the value in cell C3 is True in our case when it is a Duplicate How Excel Defines COUNTIF Function Microsoft Excel defines COUNTIF as a formula that Counts the number of cells within a range that meet the given condition . Note For using array functions press Ctrl Shift Enter Not Just Enter . Oct 01 2020 Extract without duplicates. If you want to highlight all the recurrences of a value both duplicates triplicates quadruplicates etc. In this tutorial we will figure out How to Find Duplicate values in an Excel sheet using two ways. Sep 10 2013 In older versions of Excel you can use a formula to create a dynamic range. First write the formula. May 31 2020 1 Step 1 Select your DATA SHEET 2 Step 2 Click on DATA. Press ALT F11 copy and paste the below code in a new Module. the range D2 D11 and returns matching rows. This VBA macro will loop through the all the items in the first column and identify the duplicates using Match Spreadsheet Function. Feb 02 2015 To identify duplicates across all values columns in an Excel table Highlight all the cells that you want to analyze. the ones that are not duplicate . My current formula looks like this COUNTIFS E2 E1000 quot NO quot H2 H1000 quot NOTIFICATION quot To see if Excel has not gone crazy copy and paste the one item into the cell of the duplicate . DEFINITION Array Formula An array formula is a formula that works with arrays or series of data nbsp 6 Apr 2010 Remove Duplicates Function. Now click on Conditional Formatting to open a dropdown menu. To do this Select all the values in the Duplicates column of the table How Excel Defines COUNTIF Function Microsoft Excel defines COUNTIF as a formula that Counts the number of cells within a range that meet the given condition . Jul 02 2014 Duplicates aren 39 t bad but you may need to know how many times a value is repeated or how many unique values are in a data range. A simple way to highlight duplicated nbsp We then use the COUNTIFS function in combination with Excel 39 s Conditional Formatting feature to highlight duplicate and triplicate rows. To add one more row you just need to press F4. The first one is the most basic. IF The IF condition allows you to check for multiple conditions in a cell. 9 Nov 2018 Learn how to use conditional formatting with an Excel formula to identify duplicate values in your data set. xlsx file Ultimate Suite 14 day fully functional version . Dec 09 2015 With the data now in an Excel table we can make the duplicates even more obvious by applying some conditional formatting to the table. Case I have one excel sheet with one column containing certain cell occupied with data Eg A01 to A30 Now i 39 m try to paste some more data in the consecutive cells Eg A31 to A40 . The formula checks the presence of Agatha Christie under column D i. 6. Method 1 Cut the data from B and paste in A. 1. Feb 26 2010 Duplicate Rows when Exporting to Excel when Row Visibility set to a Formula I have several drill down reports which worked perfectly in RS 2005. Sep 01 2019 How to Count Duplicates in Excel using COUNTIF. Duplicate values in the list will now be identified. Click OK within the Duplicate Values dialog box to identify the duplicate values. Column C will now show TRUE for the values pineapples and mangoes which are duplicates. To remove them completely select Copy to another location option and select a cell for the Copy to range field. Select values you want to find duplicates and navigate to Data gt gt Sort amp Filter gt gt Advanced. May 20 2008 How to Create a Duplicate Identical Copy of Worksheet in Office Excel In Microsoft Office Excel including Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 user can easily create another duplicate copy of worksheet that has the exactly identical contents and data from the original sheet. Content in this video is provided on nbsp 23 Dec 2019 Excel to Formula to find cells containing Duplicate Values is explained in this formula. Now you can use formulas with unique values to consolidate data from your data set. B1 B11 is the range you want to count the unique values. Format menu CF 2. One solution is to duplicate copy sheet copy the table to the original sheet and with replace function replace the references in formula from quot Sheet1 2 quot to nothing or original sheet. Change the cell color by clicking on the Fill tab and selecting a color. This will highlight the duplicate values in excel. The wizard will run On the next step you are presented with the 4 options to check duplicates in Select the cells you want to check for duplicates. Click on New Rule . Look at nbsp 14 Oct 2001 I need a formula to check for duplicate numbers in A1 AJ1 it need to return Duplicate if it fines a duplicate number or if all the numbers are nbsp 24 Sep 2015 Excel gives you several ways to do this depending on your data and what results you are after. If the answer is equal to 1 then the formula COUNTIF A 1 A 50 A1 1 is TRUE and everything is OK. If you do not want to remove duplicates from all of your columns deselect the columns you d like to the program to leave alone before clicking OK. If it finds a match then it will delete that row. As in above screenshot you can clearly see at the top bar the formula used and in column C the output generated is align to column A. We can use COUNTIF Formula in Excel Cells to identify duplicates in Excel. Sound familiar In this tutorial I ll show you two faster and easier ways to copy the value and not the formula. Here we explain how to a The CONCATENATE function joins together all the items listed inside the brackets. This version of the COUNTIFS formula allows you to only show a value in the Duplicates column if the row is a duplicate in rows that only appear once nothing will appear in the Duplicates column IF COUNTIFS B B B2 C C C2 gt 1 COUNTIFS B B B2 C C C2 quot quot or even simpler try this ThisWorkbook. ThisWorkbook. Dec 20 2007 Formula for finding duplicates I have excel sheets that will show a customer account number an ammount they need to pay and there full name and a date when the payment is expected is there a formula that will find duplicates if the same entry has been put in twice Jun 14 2015 The rest of the formula tells you what each duplicate is a duplicate of. I am often asked about removing or highlighting duplicates and common entries. Those are the rows that are duplicate. I used Cities for my example. Formula to Count the Number of Occurrences of a Text String in a Range. This formula tells Excel to count how many times the data from the current cell is included in the validation range. You can find this feature in the Styles section of the Home tab. Click on Use a formula to determine which cells to format . May 23 2014 Excel noted this and marked it for review. Copyscape is a free plagiarism checker. Want to delete it Delete it Here is the demo May 05 2019 The first way to identify duplicate values is to simply use the tools that you have that are native to Excel. We can use the RANDBETWEEN function to create random numbers between a certain range say 1 and 100 but there is nothing in the function to prevent duplicate numbers from being created in the range. The best I can get instead is duplicates WITHIN a column that is it will highlight Bishop Bishop two different people with the same name in each column. We insert a new Column A by clicking on A and hitting Insert nbsp 14 Apr 2010 In Excel 2003 and earlier also use conditional formatting but do it the following way 1. In excel select at least one cell within a range or table. Then we will show how to use the Excel Countif Function to find the duplicates. Select the Create a copy check box so there is a check mark in the box. All the formulas on this page are array formulas. If you have the need to highlight cells with duplicate or unique values in Microsoft Excel 2016 or 2013 here s an easy way to do it. Jan 17 2020 Count Unique Values Excluding Duplicates by Formula in Excel Step 1 In E2 which is saved the total product type number enter the formula SUMPRODUCT 1 COUNTIF B1 B11 B1 B11 . Select your range of cells. Excel conditional formatting is a great way to identify duplicates. Remove Duplicates Then Sumif With Only Formula I have the following sheet A X 7 B Y 10 C Z 8 C Z 8 B Y 10 B W 20 C Y 10 I need Free Excel Help Re Formula to Skip Duplicate Value. Having filled the COUNTIF formula down column C copy cells C2 through C11 to the clipboard. We ve created a function to perform this task Restricting Input before bringing into Excel From a database use of Distinct in SQL an article Eliminating duplicate rows in Excel TechSpace Express Computer India Dr. In this example enter ISERROR C2 . This article Use Excel 39 s Built in Remove Duplicates Feature. Jan 22 2010 Formula For Duplicate Prevention Jul 22 2014. In the next sections you will see some examples related to counting duplicates. Follow the instructions below to see how to quickly find duplicates Highlight the entire section that you want to find duplicates. 09 Format only unique or duplicate values. Click on any cell in your spreadsheet that contains data. Using the fill handle drag and copy the formula to the rest of the cells. This add in is free for personal use. However if the data is updated you have to redo the manipulation again and again. In this article I will introduce you a simple way to solve this Apr 14 2016 To Find Duplicates in Excel using Formulas we will use the COUNTIF Excel formula to verify if a certain row as been repeated above. You can use the conditional formatting feature to find duplicate values. Step 6 Now drag the bottom right corner of the cell in which a result has been posted. We want to highlight the consecutive duplicate month as given in below image Excel Lookup Top N values ignoring duplicates Deepanshu Bhalla 3 Comments Advanced Excel Imagine you are asked to figure out the top 5 scorers with their scores from class A. This creates an exact copy of your chart. With this method I am using a COUNTIF function to determine if there are 2 or more instances of a cell value. If you have the same person listed in your database two or more times perhaps with the same customer ID or same name but with two different residential addresses because they moved house then which one is the current record Sep 24 2015 Use Excel s Built in Remove Duplicates Feature. We can create formula using COUNTIF or VLOOKUP Functions to check the duplicates in Excel. For example in the worksheet shown here column F totals the rainfall figures in rows 7 through 11. 3 Step 3 click on REMOVE DUPLICATES. range A1 B16 in our case . Press Shift Ctrl V to open the Paste Special dialog box. This formula can provide an easy way to find duplicate rows as well. With a formula select the cell you want to copy then drag down to select the cells you want to duplicate the formula into. Oct 12 2013 Excel 2010 has a powerful data function that allows you to simply select a set of data and remove duplicate rows. Remove Duplicates in excel is used for removing the duplicate cells of one or multiple columns. Range quot DuplicateReportNumberOfDuplicates quot . CONCATENATE A2 B2 Use autofill to fill the rest of the cells and press F9 to refresh the workspace. 4 Removing duplicates using Excel formula. In the box next to values with pick the formatting you want to apply to the It 39 s often better to duplicate an existing sheet instead and there 39 s a quick shortcut that can help with this. It helps us to create the flexibility of the function in Microsoft Excel 2010 amp 2013. The column will be in number format. Oct 24 2016 When working with large excel files people tend to make mistakes and add duplicate entries in the worksheets. Collections don t allow duplicate values and thus using a Collection we can remove duplicates from an array. So far I have tested this solution and it continues to update the values in my quot duplicates quot list. middot In the box next to values with nbsp If you look at the formula that 39 s created it is using the Table. In Example 1 below I selected all cells in the table to enlarge an example click it . Nitin Paranjpe article uses little used feature in Excel ODBC to enter SQL another part of the artilce uses ODBC to eliminate ASCII unwanted data. This is an interesting way if you like to do things with Excel formulas. Here 39 s how to tackle these tasks in Excel. Enter the formula provided in the text box. Excel provides standard capabilities for sorting and eliminating duplicates. Hope so the above tutorial will help to understand the use of VLookup function to find duplicate in Excel. The result All the triplicates are highlighted. Instructions. In the below formula D2 F11 is the entire data range. One of Excel s strengths is that it offers you many ways to do the same task leaving you to choose the one that is most convenient. In 2011 it is still in the Home tab but under the Format group I m using 2011 . duplicate formula in excel


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